About us

Our Journey Began With A Step Our Focus Is
Success And Our Goal Is Big Success For Life !
The Big Success Education Center  (Bsec) is a christian school with American Standard.Our  learning center and is founded to assist the poor and the low income working parents who are interested to educate their children and those who wish to further pursue an English course or other administrative and skill training. 
Big Success Education Center was founded by the founder of Women Care Group101 and the head of Wcg101 For Christ Church.The vision is to organize and promote free education for large numbers of children in the country so that even the poorest of the poor have access to free education , We believe in Christ teachings.The school will serve and improve the overall livelihood of women by using education as a way of improving the lives of poor women the society at large. 
The School shall be teaching beginners English language and beginners writing skills, computer and other courses. We also provide dance and music class for adults and children. Every child deserves the best we here are here to provide the best quality education irrespective of the financial strength of  the parents. Bring your child to school we are here to help you.
Please contact us for more details. 

Remain blessed  In Jesus name

Sylva E.
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