We are here to take care of your precious one just like our own.

Kindergarten is regarded as a transition year , since students are not quite ready to enter the more structured approach of Primary School, we ensure to introduce a more informative and quality standard of mind and brains stimuli through our multi-programs and challenges which goes naturally with 2-6 year olds.  Our Kindergarten curriculum is focused around introducing students to the disciplines of reading and writing and math including coloring and play, while also expanding their knowledge of the world through hands on Units of Study.  Music, Drama and Art also have a big part in the Kindergarten curriculum.
Every child will receive a quality education at Big Success Education Center our teachers are very friendly,patient and are all well organized including our classrooms. Children from as young as 3-4 are split into three different levels; Pre K 1, Pre K 2 and Kindergarten. Our class rooms teachers come with assistant for maximum supervision. Students who receive a solid foundation in our Pre K and Kindergarten classes always seem to enjoy the challenges of learning English as they progress through our higher levels. 
Our Methods of tudy in Kindergarten are: 
Classroom Care
Multi-programs (Story  time and revision of story)
Smart questions and reading
Understanding shapes , colors and picture
Singing, Learning to count and read ABC etc...

Nap time
World and History
Quality time
Materials Matter
Transition to Grade 1
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